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0 #24 lgibm 12.03.2022 14:19
It was clear that the five elements of the Sega were trained by Yu Jang-ryong himself. Hye-won and Jong-Geng faced each other and breathed a sigh of relief for now. It was a dissatisfaction that Mo Yong-sega wriggled and appeared only now, but it appeared in the most urgent situation anyway. The Jang brothers were so thankful for that and seemed so moved.

0 #23 betgoca 12.03.2022 10:06
So loved saying (緩急) and mix and speed.It was his habit.In addition, the same as his father's words to a (同一) to do.Patches of cloud is gosowol looks especially white as that voice clearly listening.I don't want to hear of the yubaekttang have adjusted well to sound the tone is clear is." Your family's wealth.

0 #22 betgoca 12.03.2022 06:35
Gisik was proving it. What happened? The method passed down to the Gwangpungdan may be practical, but it was never to rise to the ranks of ascension. But this crazy-looking guy is showing such power. What Yuksal meant was simple. From top to bottom, from left to right, from right to left.

0 #21 savewcal 11.03.2022 10:54
You had to feel it. In front of more than 50 servants, he could not look at Muklinyeong. The face...! Just by glancing at it, I could recognize at once that he was a member of the Cheon Oe-il Troupe. Perhaps Muklinyeong also recognized the Gwangpungdan at once. Although the world is wide, there were many cases where it was surprisingly narrow. The person I met for the first time today...

0 #20 betgoca 11.03.2022 06:18
Rudeuraet are furiously exploded.I'm afraid I seemed in too much blood ...Black would have escaped more, blood is used to with mind control.He did, however, kept on walking.I, some ruiteu ruiteudeul, so the crackdown is just around the corner, Mons is almost teodeul would leave ...Now a parent it is over, so to go back to him, but.

0 #19 savewcal 10.03.2022 06:54
Maybe he's riding in a kiln with me. Even so, there were so many kilns that it was possible to distinguish who and whose kilns were by the faces of the Luites escorting right next to them. Each world's Luit was escorting its owners or maidens in its own world. And in the front, the royal family was riding a wagon... Only a few royal families are themselves.

0 #18 betgoca 10.03.2022 06:54
However, Ludrat bowed his head as he watched his back driving the horse without even saying thank you to Ludamine. The reins on the saddle was pulled tightly. However, he put more force on his fist-clenched hand, and looked up and saw the royal ladies now coming out. Girls dressed up in bright white... But in the midst of that, she wasn't there. Maybe first...

0 #17 loastcoastranch 09.03.2022 06:03
Said before the unconscious ...Occur to him to forgive him with it, but the end.'neimeo, keullonia seupi Lit', "" ... ... What does that mean? "" What do you mean?The id is so, jongsokjja of the guard would -- Oh, flax yarn.The son 'Anyone who, instead of' from melting. expecting that, Amasa The Ghent said with a silver hijukttae to confirm the sucking of breath." And the jongsokjja,

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0 #16 cremocream 09.03.2022 06:03
I can guess if it's attached. Anyway, whatever the name is... Chylus Suadion simply appeared like a comet." "Chylus Suadion?!" Amasa said in surprise. "What do you mean Kylus Sadion...! Sure! What happens now?" Genton laughed leaning against the chair. "Well, I don't know what will happen." But the funny thing is... Dobion, come to me.

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0 #15 loastcoastranch 07.03.2022 07:42
There's no chance like this. "I feel like I'm in a pink cloud for the first time in a while..." Can I feel this again? No, rather than that, will the day come again when such a cool man will say he likes him? At that time, the servants, who were dying for jewels, opened the box of Birode again with a solemn look. "So don't say no and hurry up and choose.""

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